New GPU and PSU

I've been using an outdated GPU with a 500w PSU. I have a Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 with a 8320FX (I don't think it would bottleneck with these other components) Im just wondering what would be a good combination of a PSU+GPU for under $350. 

Seasonic G 550 and Powercolor 7870XT,or,

if you want a massive, and I mean massive overkill PSU, that will essentially be twice as large as you need, but is built extremely well, and offers room for any expansion you could possibly do, you could grab a Corsair AX 850 or AX 750; right now, the AX850 is cheaper than the 750, on sale for $130.

PSU and GPU both under $350? Hm, do you know what kind of wattage you'd prefer?



$280 for both.

Thank you, I was actually looking for a high-grade 650w-750w PSU because you can never have too much wattage. 

Yes, its good for future expansions, but if you're using an overkill PSU that isn't taking advantage of its efficiency, then its a waste. You could easily find a PSU with an additional 50w of voltage well within your price range (: You can just select between the available wattages.

As for the card, the cooler on that Asus will help you reach 7870 performance with a bit of overclocking. I can personally vouch for the cooling system. And the card itself is pretty good price for performance. 

While you can't overpower your system by using a 1600W PSU, persay, you can get much lower efficiency than you would get with an appropriately sized PSU. If you were to use the 850W Corsair AX I listed, you would get the high-end of 80+ Silver, or maybe a bit lower. That is still fine, but using a correctly sized PSU will yield more efficiency, and save you money.