New GOROD CD out June 1st: It's Insane

I have always liked Gorod but never loved them. they play technical death metal that makes you want to throw stuff around the room while wearing a smile.

If you like death metal, especially tech death metal, get this CD... listen to their new songs on myspace and tell me what you think:

I actually already have this album and never listened to it yet.

why aren't you listening to it right now!??!?!!?

Hmm I don't know, just never got around to it. Want the advance on it?

don't need it... lol.  but you should to listen to it.

Sublety acknowledged.
I am now, Disavow your God had one of the most beautiful instrumental peices in it I had ever heard.

P.S. Check your inbox.

Shit's good! Didn't know them, I really like what I'm hearing tho ! I like the vocals, and the guitars have something ala The Faceless, at least on the song The Programmers.

Thanks for the heads up.