New Gaming RIG!

Hay guys looking for alittle advice on my new build. my current system I built back in 2010 and its starting to show its age. (chug chug chug). going to keep a few parts out of the old build and update what needs it. 

The old

Case: Coolermaster HAF full tower, Motherboard: evga e760 classified overcloked, CPU: Intel I7-920 quad 2.66, PSU: Rosewill 800w, Vid Card: Radeon HD5870 1GB, RAM: Corsair Dominator 6gb DDR3.

New Parts

Mother board: ASRock Fatal1th x99x killer, CPU: I7-5930k 3.6GHz, Vid Card: 2x GeForce GTX 980 SC 4gb in sli, RAM: crucial Ballistix sport 8GB DDR4 2400, cooler: enermax liqtech 240.

going to keep the case, PSU (800w), and some extras i.e. blueray and all-in-one card readers.

Id like to run this for another 3 or 4 years before another upgrade so willing to go alittle over for future proofing. but have a few questions about the vid cards would 2 980's be overkill and not get performance thats worth the money?

Thanks for the advice guys.  

I would go with a 5820k and 16gb of ram and a single 980, but thats just me.  That would be the most cost effective solution to upgrade to the latest and greatest.  Also get an ssd if you don't already have one.

Thanks for the insite. was looking at picking up a 32gb SSD for windows boot. trying to keep the whole build under $2400 and the SSD was just pushing over that limit.

dont go for 32GB its too small.

im using 100GB out of 250gb samsung 840 pro.


if you go for an ssd go for m sata or if you board doesnt support it make sure it has at least 450MB read 450MB write

Think you have a point was looking at the base needs for win 7. didnt take into account extra mem needs for windows. Thanks

my windows folder alone c:\windows

takes up 25gb

This is what I would get.  When the gtx980 is not enough anymore just upgrade.  That cpu with an overclock on it will be plenty powerful for years to come.

For gaming, I'd think X99 is a bit overkill.

Your wasting money going for X99 for gaming. You will actually have better performance in gaming going with a 4790k instead of X99. I went from my 4790k to the 5960x and I actually lost performance in my rig for gaming, although my render times are better.

I would go 4790k, 16GB ram, 2x 970s ( less money than one 980 and will perform much better than 1, 500GB SSD - they are only about $200 now, and fill in the rest.

Thanks Fendi and Ragingh4vok , appricate all the input. looks like i went alittle overkill on my build. I would like to be able to start running some of these entensive games at ultra settings, would two 970's be able to do it or twin 980's be required.

Twin of either could run anything and everything up at 1440p maxed.

Even one 970 could run AAA titles at ultra with 60fps ^___^

I'm running 2 970s and I get over 100fps in BF4 on ultra