New Gaming PC

Certainly not a serious gamer anymore, but would love to play arenas in WOW at 1920x1080, and some CS


What do you guys think of this?  Note: the mobo is a combo deal right now with 8gb ram.  I am on a budget!

Well I would rather go with a AMD 7770 if I were you, a bit better performance and a bit lower powerconsumption and heat (depending on the aftermarket cooler ofc)


I'm not sure about the Pentium but other than that....

Hi Wilcorder,


I recon that will be fine for WOW at 1080p as WOW is not very harsh on the hardware.

the 550ti should be fine for light gaming on top too. 

Hope i helped! :P



what is your budget and what do you have in your current computer?

your build will do what you want to do i would change your MB to a asrock for the same price not a fan of biostar unless it on sale for 30 bucks cheaper then everyone else 

Budget is a flexible think as of now- definitely under 500ish, the lower the better though! As I spend most of my money on text books these days :( 

The biostar mobo was something I snagged because of the bundle with the ram.  I'll check out the ASRock's.  Anyone have experience ordering from NCIX?

The cheapest 7770 is $20 more than the 550TI.  Is that worth it?

I'm sorry I didn't answer the other poster's question: my current computer is a macbook pro, and I haven't had a desktop for years!  So I don't have any spare hardware lying around besides mouse/keyboard.

Would the following be significantly better than the first posted?  It is an upgrade to i3, 1600 ram, and a 7770, all squeezed in for an extra $40.  I do hate the idea of downgrading the case from the Arc Midi (that thing looks sweet).  Any PSU suggestions that could perform as well or better for less?


Sorry can't find it on NCIX... their site is so messy, but found some on Newegg:


550 ti:


Yea the 7770 is better way better in a lot of games, and use less power if that is anything to you :)

7770 vs 550 ti

Well If you'd hate to not have the Arc midi, then spend less somewhere so you can afford that Arc Midi! :) You're going to use that case for more than one build, I presume so don't spend less on the case, as you won't have to buy a new case next time. (You can't future proof cpu and gpu that well, but in many cases you'd use the PSU and case for your next build)


As far as the system go it looks quite good, though I really don't know that much about intel motherboards so I won't comment on the motherboard.