New Gaming PC Builder

Hello Everyone! I want to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Freddie or call me creepypikachu. I recently caught interest in building a basic gaming computer. I got bored of  consoles realizing the fact that my consoles:PS4,PS3, and X360 got just.. boring. So I logged into to steam and had a couple of gaming that I owned that I couldn't play like Arma 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4 basically because I only owned an All-in One Desktop with Pentium and Intel HD Graphics and couldn't do much. Now that my birthday is on Monday and have some money, I decided to attempt to build a gaming pc and maybe Preorder Mortal Kombat X for my brother. I want to know what you think about these parts as a build.

Here are the parts:

Processor:AMD FX-6300 AM3+ Processor Black Edition

GPU:AMD Radeon R9 270X or 280x (Can you guys maybe suggest an Nvidia GPU?)

Case: DIYPC Ranger R8-Y or G(Y=Yellow)(G=Green)

MOBO(Motherboard): ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS AM3+ Micro ATX Motherboard

Hard Drive: 500 GB Western Digital or Seagate 1 TB(Terabyte) 

RAM: 8GB Crucial Ballistix 8 GB Kit (4GBx2) 240-pin Memory

Optical Drive: I've decided none because to install Windows I'm using a USB drive.

PSU(Power Supply):EVGA 500W +80

I thought this would be a starter gaming computer. WIth this would I be able to play Battlefield 4 or 3 at Ultra or High settings? Would this be able to play Black Ops 2 at max settings? (if they have any). Thank you everyone.

What about a r9 280 ?

At this pricepoint nvidia doesnt has a got gpu.

Get the one tb hdd. Also think about a SSD it will make a huge differnece?


What is the difference between a R9 280 and R9 280x? And ill consider an ssd at a later time because im sort of on a budget. I will keep the SSD in mind.

well, what exactly is your budget?