New Gaming Mouse Suggestion

Hey guys first post from a long time lurker.  I am looking to buy a new gaming mouse and It seems the field has grown alot more since I last bought one.  There are alot of companies I know knothing about (I'm looking at you Rocat) and I could use some guidance based on some of my info.

I currently have a first gen Razer Naga and I'm a longtime Razer user.  While I love my Razer keyboard quality my current Razer Naga has that pesky double click issue and is one of the main reason I want to replace it.  I never really got used to all of the button on the Naga either and only use them for vent Push to talk buttons. 

I play Moba's, RPG's and 3rd person games.  At this moment I am looking at a Razer Naga Hex or a G600 but I am open to any good suggestions.  I feel the Hex could be more managable for me to learn the buttons.  The G600's angled buttons could be easier to learn to use as well but all I really need on the side is a programmagble button to set for a push to talk.  Budget for this is 130 USD or less.

Any help you guys could give would be great and thanks in advance.

(sorry for any spelling issues its late for me)

As an owner of a G600, I can vouch for it 100%.

Thanks for the help I'm going to go see if i can check one out this week adn try it.

I can also recommend the G600, at least to say that it's a very nice mouse, very comfortable, high quality and that I like all of the features. I also had no trouble hitting the right thumb buttons without confusing them. Unfortunately, I couldn't get used to the third mouse button, not because I got it confused with the second mouse button, but because I have spent so much time gripping the side of my mouse with my ring finger, having it on a button made it a bit difficult to grip the mouse properly, unless I trained myself to grip the side with my pinky.

I wasn't happy about it, but I decided to sell it to a friend who hasn't used a PC very long, so he had no mouse muscle memory, and I instead purchased a Cyborg MM.O. 7, which I knew I would find comfortable because I used to have a Cyborg R.A.T. 5 that I really loved, but didn't have enough buttons. I should be getting the M.M.O. 7 today, so we'll see how that goes, but I predict I'll be very happy with it.

Another option is the improved 2014 Razer Naga...

+1 to the guys above.  I don't own the G600 yet, but I should be getting one fairly soon.  Can't wait.  ^_^

Here's a link to a review by Pistol and Logan...

And here's a comparison between it and the Naga...

Since you mention ROCCAT I must suggest one of my two mouses; the ROCCAT SAVU that I really enjoy. I also have hade Razer Deathaddder which is also great. The Deathadder should have had the SAVU coating which is really great and has a really comfy thumb grip for my mid-sized hand

Hardest thing to recommend is a mouse since you either like the feel of it or you don't. I'd suggest trying some out first before settling with one. If you live in a metropolitan area or near one you can find stores to try it out first. :)

I'd agree with react. Find what fits, then stick with it. I found the steelseries ikari, babied it till it wore out on me last month and bought a mionix naos when they released the 8200 update. Logitech makes great products, and while i can't say the same for razer out of personal experience, tons of people use their mice.