New Gaming Build critique for my son

do you prefer the ability to overclock?

Honestly I'd keep the higher end 970, it will last a few years before really showing its age imo.

Option 1 6600K OC:

Option 2: 6500 non OC:

I also added a better psu, and a cheaper ssd.
With the non OC build, you could also gimp on the cooler if you like too.

As you can see there is not a huge diffrence between a FX8350 setup and a locked skylake i5 build for that matter.
So thats why i said i dont see much reasons to invest money in an old AM3+ setup anymore.
the skylake i5 will be better for gaming anyday of the week.

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That's what I was debating with my friend just didn't know where to go other than here for help on skylake Intel stuff.

Why no 390 mentioned? Did something happen? I'm shocked.


AMD 390 instead of the 970

The only thing that is up to you to decide is the gpu.

GTX970 or R9-390, its a tos up between these 2 particular cards.
THe R9-390 does peform slightly better then the GTX970, in majority of games.
but there are a couple of certain games which have Nvidia's hairworks / gameworks onboard.
And in those particular games the GTX970 does win like fallout 4 for example.

The main thing is that the R9-390 comes with 8GB of GDDR5,
and the GTX970 comes with 4GB GDDR5 from which only 3.5GB is realy usable.
So for that matter the R9-390 might be a better buy with eye on the future.
But ofc i cannot look into my crystal bowl according to future games.

that was my next point ☺

I just figured since he put a whole build together he wanted a 970. Its not a bad choice so I left it alone.

Both cards are still good choices for that matter.

8gb ram, 120gb ssd just for os, 390X.

If you need more SSD's you an add them, if you need more ram you can add it, If you buy a weak GPU you are stuffed.

New skylake build revision 3 thoughts?

changed motherboard since each one I find keeps going out of stock

Looks groovy. Go for it.