New Gaming Build critique for my son

1st build

I'm wanting to help build a decent Gaming Rig that will last a while for my 12yr old son that will last a while for christmas. I haven't built an AMD rig in forever so I need some help here! Please critique.

UPDATED Skylake build

Modified for Skylake and a newer build changed to R9

I'd save a few bucks and grab a 8120, grab a hyper 212 instead of the h100 and use the money saved to get a 240gb ssd for the OS. The rest looks good.

Or just add a 240gb ssd. Personally I refuse to build a new computer without one in today's world.

I think you've done everything right here.


  • 16GB is a lot for gaming, most folks are fine with 8GB, but 16GB will probably give you some more life. As always with computers, RAM matters a lot as time goes on.
  • If he's only gaming at 1080p, the 970 is a smidge of overkill, but same as above, it'll also last longer than the 380 or 960.
  • There's no SSD here, and in my opinion I'd prefer having a 256G SSD and a 960/380 than a 970 with no SSD.
  • The H100i is way overkill

My friend was saying go Intel i5 over the amd. I was looking to add a solid state hd down the line. What would you recommend other than liquid cooling?

no reason for that right now, I5 would get more frames, but zen is coming soon and at that point the skylake I5s might be cheaper, it is just a better thing right now to save money and wait.

The i5 is a better part, no question, no argument, even from AMD fan boys like me. It's a question of budget and how much you'll want to upgrade in the future. The AMD part does it's job fine, and that's why it's the recommended part in most budget builds.

The biggest downsides of AMD right now are, no PCI-E 3.0, and no m.2 ports. Additionally they don't support DDR4, but that's kind of a plus unless you're looking for more enterprise style work loads. For me it's a reason to upgrade to intel, but at this very second it's not going to be a huge deal to a 12-17 year old.

As for the cooler, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is almost always the goto choice for cheap effective coolers. Additionally Logan has been recommending the DeepCool standing heat pipe cooler (I dont remember the model, but it's similar to the Hyper 212).

I would skip using liquid cooling all together , it's not like your 12 year old is going to be overclocking and the stock coolers work perfectly fine for non overclocked cpu's.

Motherboard is overpriced due to features that again your 12 year old isn't going to be using like 4 graphics card slots

Will this build let him play most new games okay like black ops 3, fall out 4 etc?

Yes. At settings much better than consoles as well.

Yes. More than OK. Some of the parts picked might make little to no sense depending upon specifics you haven't provided though, see this topic.

REVISED Skylake build

Skylake build

sigh lol didn't see the gaming build rules sorry read the forum rules

Use partpicker, makes things much easier, give us a budget so we can edit it more easily etc.
help us be helpful in helping you by being helpful and answering the helpful questions in that topic, lol
i need help

Just saw that going to now

I like the new setup. Will be a great system.


If you could afford a skylake or haswell i5 over the FX setup.
i would definitely recommend that.

I personaly dont see much reason to invest money in an old am3+ platform anymore tbh.

A locked skylake i5 + H170 mobo will cost arround the same, but it will simply perform better in most games.
next to that it wil also consume less power.
And in terms of pricing a locked skylake or haswell i5 setup will not be that much more expensive.

p.s i own a FX8350.

I looked at a skylake i5 but I need help with memory and motherboard prefer Asus. The build here priced at $1020 I could $1200. For the Gaming aspect he will use his TV which is new wanting at least 60 FPS. I know the graphics card is overkill but that's okay for me.

@MisteryAngel is definitely right:

970, for 1080 minimum 60fps isn't necessarily overkill for 2016-1X gaming, I'd say its a minimum.