New Firmware for Samsung 990 Pro SSD

My Samsung 990 Pro 2TB has suffered from the reported early aging bug. I have only 4 TB written and S.M.A.R.T reports 4% life used (which should arrive only after 48TB written).

Samsung has just issued a new firmware update, 1B2QJXD7, which I applied in Samsung Magician. My drive still shows 4% used up, so I am hoping that it will just park there until I get to 60 TBW. We shall see.

Seeing the life expectancy plummet is not a comforting feeling. On the positive side, it is a super nice drive performance-wise.

Note to anyone: The 980 Pro also needs a firmware update, so if you have that and have not done so, please do.

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Same here, 4% life used and nothing changed with the update, I agreed with them to monitor the drive, and if it declines further faster than it should they will rma it

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