[NEW] Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Also features real time rendering + Real Time Fight sequences, remember to watch it in high quality


Here is the new Trailer in HD


looks interesting... my only complaint is that the costumes look way too ridiculous, like that dude with the orange hair, cmon now.

It is FINAL FANTASY the Costumes have always been over the top and they are Awesome costumes also it is grate to see a cyberpunk future setting again.

looks pretty cool, but idk... with how disappointed i was with 12 i dont think ill get it.

FF6 will always be the best

i saw this video when it first got released on PS3 PlayStation network 720P that was awesome trailer so HD lol

see the chick at 1:01 her concept was taking from cloud of final fantasy 7

Div wrote 18 hours ago ยป

FF6 will always be the best


edit: the creature at 1:40ish looks like atma (ultima weapon) from ff6