New email provider

so ive been using for ages. wondering what good email providers the community is using.

still thinking about hosting at home but that wont be for another month or two/ when i have time

protonmail is what ive been using for a while its still not my main but for important accounts i use it


Somebody else started a similar thread before you.

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Hmmm, I'm not able to access the topic.

Stance still stands, altho i've used it for ~a year i still recommend it

mistake had earlier too many tabs open and accidental copy pasted the wrong URL form a private post.
I shouldn't access the forum in a hurry :P

If you still have the images from that post, do you think you could re-upload them?

Gmail is my main... mainly out of laziness at this point. I've went on the alternative email quest a few times, but never commit. Most recently I did create a Protonmail account... seems to have a decent enough web and android client.

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has anyone actually used the email from the domain? i didnt realize it came free

also i dont think im going to be hosting from home. even in LA using timewarner(spectrum) which has been very flakey lakely. sad because i really wanted to try it out.

I use Google for random BS, but I have been sing ProtonMail for years. So impressed with it that i actually have a shirt from them.

What is free? I don't understand what you mean.
(i clicked fast trough that link so i could have missed something)

50 dollars for a tech domain is expensive.
You can get a tech domain already from 6-7 dollars

Which registrar is offering the .tech domains from 6-7? I'm coming up on renewal in a few months and don't want to spend $50...

i got 10 years for $50. they had a special around thanksgiving

Damn. Should have paid attention. That's a damn good deal.

so basically 11 years for 55 since i used tek$yn code

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yea i wouldnt pay $50 a year for just the domain... had .techs for $12. but i think includes a lot more than just the .tech name is one of them.

hmm just checked it and said 6.99 dollar.
and think they did this entire year

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Welp, that's where I'm going in February. Thanks!

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