New desk

so i am thinking of a new desk for my computer. right now i have a very flimsy desk that shakes quite a bit. it is made of steel and has a glass top

should i just buy a better desk or should i try to build one ?

my grandfather has a woodworking shop in his basement so tools are covered 

if i buy one can anyone recommend a solid desk?

on the other side does anyone have any good ideas on making a desk with a hidden cable concept

anyone ? :(

Here is a desk

Other than that, I'd say try to build one and if you fail get a desk from walmart, I have a Walmart desk and its not that bad

you should build one dude!

i might just 

but it has to be taken apart within a hour or so because i plan on moving within a year and it would be a pain to build something ill never be able to move by myself

Depends what Aesthetic your going for, I Built a nice desk that I took pride in because I made it exactly what i needed according to my desk area dimension. follow my fun guide.

1) Measure the area your going to be putting your desk in and go to a wood wholesaler or a place like ikea and select the type of wood you need, many of these places will cut to the dimensions you want or you can bring it to Home Depot and they will do it for you, I chose wood from here

2) decide what type of legs you want through a site like this   or try this if you don't feel like painting the legs yourself (assuming you even want them painted)

3) once all your parts are ordered I chose to sand my entire desk surface and apply 2 coats of a wood stain, I then applied a clear coat of poly (think gym floor from highschool) sanded it once it dried and put another coat of poly sanded again and then last coat of poly. Finally I assembled the desk and it looks great for all my computer needs.

Note: I chose the adjustable legs and I recommend you do too if you have an uneven floor it helps, Also use the sponge applicators for the poly and stain application, I used brushes and the end result was not as fine as I wanted it to be, despite it still being beautiful sponges will work much better. Lastly this will take you either one long day or several days at a about 1 hour per application with a longer drying time don't rush it and have beer on tap. :) Enjoy hope this helps.

see below my desk build, each leg is 3 screws each, very easy to disassemble, which is why i also built it that way.

design a modular desk.

thats a good tip thank you :D

i was thinking something on the modular side