New CPU or GPU, help needed


Not sure if i have posted this in the right area. But i'm looking to start to record my game plays but atm i have a i3 2130 i would like to upgrade this to a i5 3570 or 3570K or should i just upgrade my GPU instead my GPU is a GTX 650 i know its not high end either not sure if i upgrade the GPU like to a GTX 760 with the i3 wouldn't it get bottleneck so i need some help.

Thanks Guys


If you bought a higher end GPU like the 760 you would see some "bottlenecking" occuring and by that I mean you would see a decrease in fps or performance in general(over if you had an i5 or i7). Now if you had an i5 you wouldn't see that big of a difference in fps over an i7. I would suggest upgrading to an i5 over a new GPU. If you want to understand "bottlenecking" more, here is a great video from a guy named Jayztwocents on YouTube who explains it perfectly and shows demonstrations of an i3, i5, and i7 benchmarks for bottlenecking. I would check it out.



Thanks for the reply i will end up getting the CPU over the GPU and wait for the GPU also do you think i should get more ram i have 8GB atm or is that enough for the time being, i will check that video out

Well unless you run Virtual Machines or Do a lot of RAM caching you won't need more than what you have.

no i don't do anything like that, thanks for the advice

No problem your in a good community :D

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i would recommend a i7, if you play games and stream it to the web, because the the HT comes handy with this. if an i7 is to expensive... then  AMD is a better option FX8350 with a decent mobo like Asus Sabertooth 990Fx R2.0. it will destroy an i5 in streaming.

But if you allready have a decent Z77 mobo, then i would recommend a i7-3770K or 3770 non K. if you plike to game and record/stream.

Hey MisteryAngel 

The i7 might be a good choice but its way out of my price range i7 3770 $342.00 & i7 3770K $385.00 the i5 is in my price range.

Thanks for your help


not sure if this is in the right area

I'm also upgrading my ram from 1333 to 2133 or 2400 i'm using a Noctua NH-U12S not sure if the ram will fit i know 1 will but also would like to know which is the better ram here is the 2 ram choices i'm looking at
1. http://www.pccasegea...oducts_id=19627
2. http://www.pccasegea...oducts_id=25082

Thanks again for the advice

just make sure you buy low profile ram, like G-skill sniper or ares. but you would be absolutly fine with 1866mhz ram, but i would not upgrade the ram in the first place, if you can spend the money into a better gpu, i would recommend to do that first. cpu/gpu upgrade

ok np thanks for your advice