New CPU cooler, what to get? (AM3+)

Hey guys.


Im getting a new cpu cooler for my FX 4130 soon.

I basically want a very, very quiet cooler, which can have small overclocks.

really small overclocks, maybe 1/2 ghz more.

I was looking at a couple of Noctua's, but im not sure.

So i hopped in here, because im smart like that.


Grab a Xigmatek Dark Knight 2. Works great, looks great, and the stock fan is not bad. 

Get a Cooler Master hyper 212 EVO, they are cheap (usually under $30) very silent and can take some OC.
A $80 cooler for a FX4130 is not worth it.

Well i might get an FX 6300...

Dark knight 2. $50 ish USD

I agree with doubleagent214. My friend has one on his FX 8350 and it is a remarkable piece of cooling hardware. I have an H60 and at the time was deciding between that and the Dark Knight........I wish I had bought the Dark Knight. :/

Audio levels?

I want to be able to sleep with the PC on.

I would get either the Dark knight 2 and throw on a Be Quiet! silent wings 2 fan which is uber quiet, looks good, and performs similar to a noctua or just get the Be Quiet! Dark Rock 2

Dark Knight is really quiet!, when I said over 80 bucks I was talking adout the noctua D14.