New computer case

Right now I'm housing my hardware in a Coolermaster HAF-XB. Due to the way it's setup I had to set my res/water pump sideways and that leads to tons of air bubbles. Does anyone have any recommendation on a smallish case that I can put on a desk (orientation doesn't matter) that supports a res, 240mm (thick) and 120mm rad?

Thanks. In the mean time I'll start looking as well.

Don't they have pumps/reservoirs made to run sideways?

Otherwise, Not sure on a small case that can handle all that, N200 maybe?

It runs fine, it just has an abundance of air bubbles no matter what I do.

Might add this is an ATX build.

The N200 looks good. Also found this:

Fractal Define S/R5? Or is that too big?

I don't think ATX and small can really go together

Also, why don't you just run the HAF XB on it's side so your loop is vertical?

That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. I'm preferably staying around $75 but that looks almost too good to pass.

@streetguru I'm not trying to go mini here, just mid tower.

Define S goes for $90, I have a Define S and R5 and they're hands down the best cases I've built in. Highly recommend.