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New combustion engine designs


those clear view ports, love it.

Never thought the jet engine would be small and cheap for the RC hobby

Like what this guy uses for a fuel tank :slight_smile:

The maximum RPM of this unit is an incredible 245,000!


This just reminds me of rotary all over again. To much of an ogilopoly on engines for a new contender to come in anywhere.

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Not new.... but still cool.

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Going to look into the free piston engine that looks interesting

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Rotarys have their own problems that keep them for being a mainstay engine type.

Mostly the lubrication problems/burning oil/oil seal wear. They are not design flaws so much as necessary evils.

Cool motors though.


First one looks interesting... but what about wear and tear on that "star-shaped" thingamajig? It rotates and oscillates at the same time, When I try to think about the distribution of rotational inertia in this thing during operation, my brain hurts.

Second one is... ok, I guess? What is it, afterburner of some sort? I didn't fully get the idea.

Third one is weird and, frankly, replace "humidity" with "magnetic field" and you get yourself a well known perpetuum mobile example.

Fourth one, with six pistons in three cylinders, is bullshit. You won't get more power from combustion just by increasing the number of outlets. The end result will be the same as if you had three pistons in three cylinders.

Fifth, "free piston" one. Just look at how their test stand oscillates with every cycle. Not to mention that they're not just converting chemical energy into mechanical, they're immediately converting it into electrical energy (which, I guess, later they convert back into mechanical energy when they power something with this engine). And this thing is supposed to have better conversion efficiency than just chemical-to-mechanical conversion engine? Bee-Ass, I say.

Edit: oh, wait, it's two months old thread? Mkay, nevermind.

it’s very interesting for me)) now ill look