New card smell not as good as new car smell?

Hey everyone thanks for the help in advance!

I recently got an AMD 290x from newegg.

MSI twin frozr 4gb... so a normal 290x 

However is seems to be emitting a strange burnt (but not burnt) smell. 

Its defiantly the card, not the power supply, that's emitting the smell.

I checked the caps on the card all are flat as can be, temps hover around 50~60 C 

So I just want know is this normal or is it time to start RMA? 


I've had issues with factory residue on heatsinks that I've purchased in the past which causes a 'burning' smell. Could be a similar issue.

could be just your upper lip

I always thought see smell from electronics when they are warm/hot was normal.

And a new car wouldnt smell good either, being the exhaust. Interior...maybe, but a gpu doesnt smell bad when its not being used.