New Build, would you be interested in benchmarks?

I have a new build coming down the pipeline some time this week. Haven't nailed out the exact specifications with the client yet but its looking like its gonna have an OC'd i5 2500k/3570k and HD 7970/GTX 680. 

I'm going to have the rig for about a week for components checks, OCing, stability testing etc, figured I'd ask if anyone was interested in some benchmarks from the system when it was done. I'll try to provide whatever is asked of me but If I don't own the programs requested I can't test em, sorry.

Additionally, I have 2 other systems in house I could benchmark as well, an FX-8120 OC'd to 4.31GHz with an HD 6870 and an A8-3850 with an OC'd CPU and IGP (can't recall those numbers off the top of my head).

If you want, I can also attempt to test direct comparison of components amongst the first two systems, swapping graphics cards around to compare GPU vs GPU or CPU vs CPU (the A8 build is a bit of a specialized build and can't have a GPU easily swapped in or out).

Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: After much conversation with the client, the incoming build has been finalized. It will have:

  • Intel i7-3770k 
  • XFX HD 7970 
  • G.Skill 16GB 1866MHz mem 
  • Astrock z77 Extreme4
  • WD Cav. Blue 1TB
  • OCZ Agility 3 240GB
  • CM TPC812
  • CM Storm Enforcer
  • XFX 550W Core Edition

The build probably won't show up this week, so you can look forward to the benchmarks within the next 2 weeks.

UPDATE: System is built, OC'd and stabilized. OC is as follows:

  • Part                - Stock             |     OC
  •  i7-3770k        - 3.5GHz          | 4.7GHz
  • HD7970 clock - 925MHz         | 1050MHz
  • HD7970 mem  - 1375MHz      | 1475MHz
  • Mem timings    - 10-11-10-30 | 9-10-9-28

I'll be doing all my benchmarks tonight (Already completed HD 4000 benchmarks), I'll be doing all the ones listed here and other benchmarking threads I've started. I am delivering the system tomorrow morning, so if you'd like any other benchmarks added, please request it and I will test them if I am able.

can you link your steam library/list of bench marks you own?


also if you or anyone else gets a i3 3220/3240 I would be VERY interested in some benchmarks so I have something to compare, its damn near impossible to find some on those chips and anandtech is taking thier sweet time

Sure thing!

Got 85 games in total there, I also have BF 3 trapped in my Origin account. 

I have and can get many non-gaming applications as well, I don't have programs like photoshop but I can always download a trial just to push out some benchmarks.

I don't have any i3s systems lined up atm, but I wouldn't be surprised if one came along in the next few months. 

EDIT: hmm, maybe I only have 67, not sure where I got 85 from 

street figher 4, dead space, portal 2, BF3, and audiosurf.

some of the weaker ones are more for the APU and i3 builds if you get any

lately I've only gotten online build reqeust on here, not in my comunity so I haven't been able to get my hands on some new hardware (I've built everyones to 3 counties away lol)

OK, I'm gonna go ahead and pump out those benchmarks for the APU now, since it is here and inalterable, probably make a different thread for it entirely when I post em. I'll be getting the parts for the new system in the coming week or so, so I'll post the other two systems when I have the parts.

The initial post has been updated.

YES!!! The TPC 812!  Let me know how well it works, the benches I've seen are pretty cool but the more the merrier

if you could benchmark some games using the HD 4000 that would be awesome

  • audiosurf
  • portal
  • bastion
  • lost coast bench
  • mirrors edge

I don't know any computing things for the CPU or GPU itself

I'd have to dig up some AMD raytracing

Hmm.. HD 4000 eh? Would leaving the IGP at stock be OK? I've read you can OC the HD 4000 but since this build will have a graphics card in it I had no intentions of doing so, planned on OCing the CPU and the GPU, but not the IGP...

I can get you those benchmarks at stock no problem; if you REALLY want me to benchmark with the IGP OC'd I COULD consider it. (I realize Adam, you never asked for this)

PS: I have Portal 2 and Dead Space being transfered over to the APU rig atm, so you can probably expect the benchmarks tomorrow. 

stocks fine, the 1866 ram should help it out anyway, you can also copy parts of you steam folder on a flashdrive and copy it over to the APU rig and re authenticate it

;) Which is close to what I'm doing, but I'm using the glorious power of Gigabit ethernet instead. Eat that flash memeory.

If you just want stock, I can give you stock np. (Going to bed) 

found some raytracing

but I think the HD4000 is way under powered, and the 7970 is overpowered for it

Got ya, not a problem.


Original post updated, if you want to see any other benchmarks, now is the time.


I'd love to check out the benchmarks. Do you have 3DMark11?

The SSD choice hurts my insides though...

I don't, but if it has a trial version, as many benchmark programs do, I can run that for you no problem.

When it comes to the SSD, the client wanted 240GB but we were already scratching the upper region of his price point so I settled with this because it was on sale. Haven't done any benchmarking in terms of drive speed but the system boots from cold to ready to use in W7 in 7 seconds.