New Build Won't POST

It should have

AFAIK you have to have a working CPU to update the bios. Do you have another CPU you can try?

no but it does have a q-led system instead.

"the year of led"

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Looks like the q-led system.

I'd agree. I do not have another Xeon to try :(

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Please give as many more as you can, it is appreciated. I'll be back tomorrow after work.

what is the q led doing?

Doesnt have to be a xeon, anything skylake should do as well.

As explained at the start. I may take a video if I find time.

Only got i7 4790K Haswell, sorry.

Is there a code displayed on the q-led? The manual should explain them all.

Yeah the qled are just on or off. I explained what happened with them in the original post.

Alright @NetBandit @fredrich_nietze @SLOWION @Adubs @khaudio

I've taken a video, in case anything was lost in translation. I've ran out of options to try personally.

Thank you all so much for your help. It is appreciated :D


Looking at the lights it makes it to the DRAM LED according to your manual pg 33

So maybe we should start with RAM

On pg 15 it says to use non-ECC. According to the manual Kingston KVR21N15S8/8 is supported but do you have more than one stick of it?

Do you have any other DDR4 you can try?

at this point i would return the mobo, cpu, and ram where you bought them for new ones. one of those 3 is the problem and the quickest way to solve it would be to replace all 3 assuming you can still return.

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well i assume you have a dedicated gpu right?
because the Xeon E3-1230-V5 doesnt come with an igpu.
For the rest red cpu led, double check 8 pin cpu powerplug.
Eventually re-seat the cpu.
If still doesnt work, then try to boot with 1 stick of ram.
Still nothing? then rma the board probably.

Q LED seems to stop on the RAM check so my money is on the RAM as the cause of the issue.

Pick up some RAM that is on the compatible list (the exact part number)

Yeah Xeon chips can be pretty picky when it comes to ram... they are meant to be in professional servers after all

As recent I had a huge problem across CPU/MB/RAM with different ASUS motherboard.
I can confirm that there are two features that ASUS names specifically "CrashFree BIOS" and "USB FlaskBack"
CrashFree - allows to fix broken BIOS update - but CPU/RAM must work
USB FlashBack - do not need working CPU

Motherboard in OP has only CrashFree feature.

Although, in case someone reads this thread because have similar problems, CAP file must have very specific name that is listed in manual - it is different from the name of CAP file in the ZIP that you download from site.