New Build Won't POST

I've built PCs a bunch of times but having problems this time and pretty much exhausted my troubleshooting.

So currently the mobo is sitting on some wood outside of the case with only CPU, CPU stock heatsink, 1 8GB stick of RAM, 24 pin, 8 pin and power switch. My parts are:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v5
Mobo: Asus E3 PRO GAMING V5
RAM: Tried 'Kingston KVR21E15D8/8HA ECC' and 'Kingston KVR21N15S8/8'
PSU: Corsair CS650M 650W 80 Plus Gold

Are any of these parts incompatible? I want to flash the BIOS but I can't if it won't turn on properly right.

So I'll end where most people start. Here's what happens.

Turn on PSU. Standby Power LED light up on mobo.
Fan doesn't spin instantly. CPU LED on.
1 second later. LED switches to DRAM. CPU tries to spin once, then spins at 100%.
Ramps form 100% spin to none. Meanwhile DRAM LED goes off. Pause. CPU LED, then DRAM, then none.
PSU clicks and repeats.

(I think sometimes it does 2 sets of lights for 1 fan and others its 1 for 1)

Thanks in advance.

use this memory, it's on the QVL. the other isn't

Also, make sure the BIOS reset jumper is in the correct position. Sounds like it could be in the clear BIOS position.

Yeah thanks. Actually bought it for that reason. What's the BIOS reset jumper? The manual refers to only 2 jumpers; clear RTC and CPU Over Voltage. RTC jumper is unused and CPU Over Voltage is for sure in the default position.

that's the one.
Maybe try jumpering it, turn it on, disconnect power from power supply, remove jumper, and power up again.

Cool. Will try. Never done this before. Step 4 (in manula) mentions holding DEL and entering the BIOS, which I can't do. Please correct me if my steps are wrong.

  1. Turn off and unplug PSU
  2. Hold a screwdriver so that it touches both pins.
  3. Leave screwdriver there as it turns on.
  4. After 10 seconds remove screwdriver and turn off computer
  5. Reboot and computer will work.

If your power supply has an external power switch, you can turn that off, otherwise remove the AC cable.

apply the jumper before you hit the power button. also, don't you have a spare jumper somewhere you could use? I've done that method, but it's not the best.

turn power off or unplug the AC cable before removing the jumper (or screwdriver)

Power it up again, as would be normal.

I thought of something else.
If the reset doesn't work, remove all your front panel button connectors: power switch, reset, hd led, power led, speaker, USB, anytihing.

Then try again.

Clearing RTC didn't work and I only have the POWER SW connected. I'm keen to keep trying things.

got some sort of gpu in there? and a monitor i assume plugged into the gpu?

I did but have taken it back to just the above parts, so there are less variables. Do you thinking adding back in the 480 and monitor would help?

Did you install the motherboard speaker? How many beeps do you hear at boot?

Also just to note I only see KVR21N15S8/4 and not KVR21N15S8/8 on the QVL. I would assume if you can install a 4GB stick you should be able to install an 8GB one as well but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: Also, looks like there are no integrated graphics on that CPU so I would try connecting a graphics card and see what happens

try reseating the video card.

also, try the dumb stuff... re-plug power cables. if that doesn't work try re-seating RAM or a different ram slot. if that doesn't work, inspect the CPU.

Okay. I reseated the RAM, CPU, stock cooler, 24pin and 8 pin last night. The CPU looked fine. Not too sure what to look for though

Putting the GPU back in changed nothing

bit of a hail mary but try grabbing the newest bios from asus's site and throwing it on a usb. if something is wrong with the bios or there is some issuse the new version fixed this will solve it. not likely to be the problem, but possible, quick, and easy to test.

Tempting but how will it update the BIOS if it can't reach the BIOS or stay on longer than 20 seconds? It seems like a boot loop. Some mobos have speical USB for things similar to this. Does mine?

the old bios can be completely dead and corrupt. it's one of the features of your motherboard and many other asus boards. check your manual.

Alright so I got the lastest version of the mobo BIOS and put the .zip and .CAP on a FAT32 USB. Put that in a USB2.0 port. Nothing has changed.

this is something to check

Um, no. Does it come with one?