New build wont load windows

hi Tek comunity just a few minutes ago i finished my first pc build and i am having some issues with windows. now before you get the idea i think this is a techsupport site that is not what i am thinking at all if i could fix this issue on my own i would. so when ever i try to boot into windows it tells me it is damaged and needs to be repaired, if i choose to start normally it just keeps crahsing but when i choose to restore it eventually presents me with a screen asking if i want to continue with the restore but my mouse and keyboard to not register on this screen. i have no idea how to fix this and i would be eternaly greatful forany help form you guys and gals

Are you by any chance re-using the hard drive with pre installed windows from your previous system? I know its a new build but is that the case or is it a new copy of windows on a completely new machine?

im reusing my hardrive


Some questions to ask.

New Copy of windows on new machine, and it wont install on clean drive?

Old harddrive with new copy of windows, using the cd to boot?

Old harddrive, and trying to get the new pc to loggin on a new computer (without a fresh install of windows)?


If you are trying to save an old windows, because you didnt want to fresh install. It is difficult and honestly annoying at times to get it to work (and you get driver residue). Your drivers are from the old computer, and they are trying to run your current computer but nothing is matching up so its failing. The simpliest solution is to do a fresh install, this also will yield the least amount of problems overall. Second solution, is if it allows you to run a repair with your windows disk, see if it will load drivers, if it will install your drivers disk for your mobo during this time and hopefully that works. About the keyboard and mouse problem, its most likely your windows and mobo cant interact for your usb ports to work.