New build problem

So I put my first build together there a couple weeks ago and everything went great. But then a few days ago, something strange happened....

Any downloads I attempt stop after a couple of seconds. For example I'll get about 30secs of a youtube video or a couple mb's of a file before it all comes to a sudden stop.

Now funnily enough I can still download stuff from Steam no problem. And what's more, when I do have a Steam download working away, the above mentioned problem no longer persists. 

I'm on Windows 8 and I have all downloads going to the HDD as opposed to the SSD. The problem persists across all browsers (I'm on chrome btw). I doubt its an anti virus issue as I'm only using Windows Defender. I've also tried the other PC in the house so I know it isn't an ISP issue.

As you can imagine a problem like this is terribly annoying. Not being able to download anything effectively renders my lovely new build useless.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? I'm tearing my hair out here and help would be greatly appreciated.

So was it always doing this upon first boot or did this issue develop over time??

Are all your drivers in check (namely your ethernet) - most motherboards have separate drivers to work specifically for Windows 8.

Have you scanned for anything malicious that could be inside all your browsers? -, Spybot etc are useful.

Also check out what background process are running. Look for anything suspicious.

Windows defender has its limits.

Hope some of this helps mate.

Sorry, been very busy lately, thanks for the response.

It developed over time.

All drivers are up to date.

Malwarebytes and spybot both come up clean.

Had a look at what processes are running but the there are so many with hundreds of sub items and I really don't know where to start looking.

The problem is becoming unbearable. The only downloads I can do are through steam, origin or uplay.

Seriously thinking about reinstalling windows altogether. But I'm not even sure how to do that.

Sounds like a virus to me, but could be drivers for you NIC. If you're using wireless have you tried using an Ethernet cable your wireless card could be busted.


Agreed, try ethernet.  If it works fine on ethernet, it's probably your wlan card

I am on ethernet. I doubt its a hardware problem because as I say I can download all my games fine. I also managed to get youtube to buffer by getting an extension for chrome called smart video for youtube.

If it is a virus, how would I go about looking for it?

Malwarebytes, Avast Anti-virus would be my options for scanning for malware and viruses.

My last resort option is to copy all the files you need to another hdd or something, and do a full, clean OS install.