New build issues, need some help

Recently I finished my first ever homebuilt pc. However, I've been having some really strange issues and I'm hoping someone around these parts may have an idea of what's causing it.


My specs :


Gigabyte Z77 UD5h Mobo

Core i5 3570k ( running at stock 3.8ghz )

Gskill Sniper series ram 2x4g

Adata 128g SSD

Seagate Barracuda 3t hdd

Seasonic 750w psu

GTX 680 ( EVGA GHZ edition)


So, at random times my computer will completely shut off, as if someone has unplugged the power cord. At other times, it will freeze entirely and has to be force reset. When my computer has these hard stops, it immediately reboots it's self.


I have checked my temps : Processor : idle : 20-30C Load : 60C  GPU : idle 30C , load : 70C


My PSU, from what I've checked, is more than I need.


I've tried updating drivers, checking the event log, but my event log only tracks the hard stop and no prior issues aside from a few that I googled and came up to be ' minor ' in the eyes of microsoft, I have still gone through with their fixes as they come up.


I have this computer connected to a surge protector, I heard that can be a problem if your computer is a power hog.


I've noticed, recently, these hard stops NEVER happen while I'm playing a game,  Even when running a hyper modded skyrim, never a stutter or fluxuation in heat. However, when I'm watching something on youtube, or even opening a minor program like notepad, it will sometimes hard stop or freeze.

I thought it might be an issue with mozilla, so I tried running internet explorer ( because I didn't have chrome downloaded. ) And I noted that several times trying to watch a video that internet explorer had 'stopped working',via the windows popup. I counted 5 times that my computer had to completely reload internet explorer over the course of a 3 minute video.


Any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

The only hard stops I've had in the past 3 days have been while browsing and only while browsing. I'm thinking there in lies our issue. I notice from time to time my video will kind of glitch and the sound will cut out. At other times, the sound will stop all together and I have to restart the browser. My videos will often pause as well despite the entire video being loaded, the only way to make it start is to move the bar. 

I'm desperate to find a solution, so forgive me if I'm provided mundane information.

It may well be a faulty PSU- do you have anybody who you can swap with for a couple of days? if not it may be the automatic voltage for the CPU being to conservative, lastly it might also be that your CPU isnt seated properly (least  likely).

Also a fresh install of windows couldnt hurt/ restore from a backup :)

It's quite unlikely that the PSU is the problem considering he only gets the problems during browsing. It should occur all the time or under stress.

I can't come up with any really good ideas really, but a few things to check: Disable the onboard graphics in bios if you haven't already, disable hardware acceleration in your browser, run memtest to test your RAM, and maybe also swap slots on the mobo for them and try running them one by one. Faulty RAM/slots can cause really weird issues.

I was thinking about that onboard graphics thing last night. It may be that my computer is trying to swap from my gtx 680 to the i5 at random ? I'll have to make sure that's off.  I will mention that I seem to only crash when watching streaming video ( youtube, hulu, netflix etc. ) Is that any indicator ? Just to answer the other thoughts, I've reinstalled windows twice up to this point,always checking drivers as I go, never had an issue then. I'll run memtest again. And I noticed if I crash on a video, I can replicate the hardstop by simlpy going back to the video and watching it again.