New Book Ideas

I plan to write a book soon, but I need some ideas. Maybe I'll release here on Tek Syndicate. Well, here's the basic outline:

The world is near a post-apocalyptic state in the beginning. The main character, who works as a programmer, went into epilepsy after grueling work of programming. The coma had lasted 10 years, enough for a nuclear power plant to emit fumes that created insanity in the affected people. The hospital that the main character was in, soon became abandoned after the breakdown of the nuclear power plant. All patients were left in the hospital to die, but vital resources were still being pumped into the patients blood. The emitted radiation soon caused the faster decay of other highly radioactive materials, such as uranium. More breakdowns like the first occured. When the increased levels of radiation affected the already affected, insane people, they started developing zombie-like characteristics. The speeds of the zombies were slightly faster than those of non-affected humans. The workers in the power plants, were more strongly affected by the radiation and turned into "super" zombies. Society was still running fine in the majority, but the media tried to hide the outbreak in order to generate better profits. 

That's where I've gotten to. You sexy people will also be noted in the book, should it be published, hopefully.