New bf4 build

doing new  bf4 build my question is best ram to get  for crosshair iv extreme amd 1100t cpu was  considering corsair platinum 2000 mhz or would i have stability issues since memory controller on 1100t only supports max 1600 not huge into oc cpu or would i have to  overclock to run ram at 2000 mhz noobie to over clocking and ram frequency so my apologies if asking stupid question

Memory frequency will not help you, just get 8 gigs of 1600 mhz ram.

Just a suggestion: spend the money on a decent cooler and get that cpu to upwards of 4ghz (20x multi and 200 ref. clock should be a breeze on your board), 1600mhz ram is fine as well since it can be hard to score a cpu that will oc well and handle high speed ram. 

No doubt BF4 will have many patches to fix performance issues as well as video card drivers addressing such issues.

Hope this is of some help.


have cpu water cooled with 240mm rad 

Get some 1600mhz or 1866mhz clocked ram, whatever is cheaper.  It won't make a difference.