New ASUS X570 Mainboard

Any ideas on how the new Dark Hero from ASUS will stack up? According to Buildzoid, the Gigabyte Master is one of the best boards (which was also pointed out by @MisteryAngel in another thread).

However, I’m wondering if the Dark Hero will bring anything new to the table. Currently, there exists only this review:

But for my, this doesn’t say much. Here is a comparison of those two boards:

Gigabyte still seems to have a better VRM (14 real phases vs. 16 with doublers). Furthermore, the Gigabyte has more internal connectivity and better memory support (up to 5200MHz, ignore the first page in this regard since it only considers revision 1.0).

The ASUS board has no chipset fan and more external connectivity and that’s it.

So, even though the ASUS board is newer, the Aorus Master still reigns supreme, or am I missing something?

Pretty sure the Asus has better quality VRM components for this purpose. (90A vs 50A)
And 5200Mhz doesn’t mean a lot for normal people I guess.
They’re both more than good enough boards, overall.

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But ASUS uses doublers, while Gigabyte has 12 real phases on this board, which does make a difference. According to Buildzoid, the Gigabyte does almost everything the Xtreme does, but is a bit cheaper.

Also, Wendell talks highly of the VRM on this board:

I assume 1:1, ASUS’ VRM would be better, but it isn 1:1, it is actually 7 vs. 12.

No, I guess not but I assume with a better memory support comes a better chance of running DDR4 4000 with IF clock at 2000MHz. (Although that also depends on the CPU of course.)

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