New AMD cards? This can't be all the Polaris desktop GPUs right?

So I'm looking to buy a new GPU in the near future and I really hoped for something from the Team Red side of things (Vulcan ho!) that would at least match a 1070 or even better. One can dream right?
But as I was googling for an 'RX 490' all I could find were rumours and/or articles that stated that the RX480 was the best we were going to get for now (mostly just skipped through the search results to be fair), and that the 480 would be the top of the line as far as AMD will go with Polaris. So now my question is - Really? Is this all we get in terms of Polaris GPUs? Will we have to wait for the Vega architecture for something to compete with the likes of 1070s and 1080s (or by then 1170s, 1180s). Now I do know that there still are the Fury cards that hold up rather well-ish compared to Pascal, but I've been a bit weary of those since I heard a lot of people complain about coil whine across all three models.

What do you guys think or even better, know? Is this all we're getting on the desktop side from Polaris?

Sapphire R9 Fury user here. Computer sits right next to me (Thermaltake Level 10GT case) and I have open back headphones. I have never heared any coil whine.

RX480 is the most you will get. Bigger cards are expected to come equipped with HBM2 as part of Vega.
1070 performance will not be achieved by a single Polaris card. I go hunting for reviews on how dual RX480s do.

good luck finding any cards to buy that arent crazy priced.

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Polaris was designed as a low cost, low power architecture for mid range desktop GPUs and mobile applications. This is widely known and has been for some time.

Vega is the high end architecture. 10 and 11.

Sorry you're gonna have to wait.

Early Fury's had coil whine. It isn't as prevalent now.

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Oh well none can do then... Maybe I'll get some old server parts in the meantime ^^

Oh no, you can't see the pimple on zangiefs butt! Good grief.

What amd is doing is getting their MSh back up before they do more ridiculous shit. At that they have main dominance over everything right now. Lots of laptops with lots of oems, consoles, hell I even have a 370. The aim of the 480 is a lot of card for cheaper. They're between a 380X and a 390 and they do perfectly well on their own. With NV you're just buying the last gen of cards for more than they're worth (imo, so stfu fanboys).

A 480 8gb is really cheap and compared to a 1060 or 1070 last I knew it had better dx12 performance (dat async). If you're looming at a 480 you'll have enough. Csgo @300 fps, whatever games at ultra @1080p, and you won't need to worry about it.

Vega is coming, its just everyone has their fist up their ass about not seeing all the fancy advertising numbers for the best cards. And if you really want a good card right now get a furyX. Best OGL performance right now.


IMO aswell, so stfu^2 fanboys!


The old Fury card's aren't bad, the Fury X is even somewhat close to the 1070 in performance. There is not going to be a bigger polaris card than the RX 480, the architechure only gets that big. There may be a dual gpu card, but no single GPU that is bigger.

Idk why this point is even relevant to the discussion, especially because its a Polaris and maybe fury discussion, and neither have made it to laptops or the consoles yet.

True, but Polaris is also right now AMD trying to get some pocket change to fund Vega. Its hard to launch a gfx line with almost no money to get it rolling. They need funds to get production of the cards even going.

Yes it is ever so slightly faster in DX12.

Not the 1070, A-Sync doesn't make up for that much of a gap.

Funny your yelling at NV fanboys, which BTW really aren't even running around on this forum, while having one of the most blatantly AMD fanboy posts of all time. Like C'mon dude.

Funny as I have at least two Nvidia fanboys on my blocklist. This is going to derail.

Back to topic: Dive into the troubles of dual GPUs or Fury/FuryX if you want to stay with AMD or jump to team green and see how it looks over there.

100% agreed,

Your right, I agree to drop it there

I love it when people do this. Please do this on other posts.

Wait til xmas there will be more 3rd party stock available by then and there is no reason why you cant support team red but I think a bad case of tech wars has hit AMD and Nvidia this year its like they were in an arms race for releasing their cards and getting quick results on market share, you might have noticed the 10xx Nvidia cards and RX4xx AMD cards were announced within weeks of each other.

For me personally this stock issue was a huge mess by both vendors, I would rather a company delay the release of a product but make sure it exists in abundance before launching it publicly rather than create marketing hype to the extent that so many people want it but they just cant produce the cards fast enough.

As for future RX cards I really think that all AMD's effort right now is focused on Vega for high performance stuff. And we wont see this product range for another 18 or more months, it is not likely we will see Zen products either til early 2017. What we do know though is that Zen and Vega will be AMD's flagship products after 2017, and will likely feature new advancements such as integrating HBM2 and improving GCN etc.You could say that their existing products are only there to basically keep them sustainable from a profit point of view until their new stuff hits the market.

Polaris is a demonstration of what their capabilities are and a sign of things to come, but we see nothing significant here when most benchmarks still put the RX480 below the R9390 cards in many tests. This is not to however discredit the achievement Polaris has made with performance per watt and other improvements, by all means AMD has a great architecture here but I really do think this was a stepping stone for them, ' a taste of things to come ' and it means the competitive landscape will be interesting in 2017 we may very well see an RX490 but personally I would say if you want a high end AMD card wait for Vega, as for your gaming experience any card on team red or team green that's been produced in the past 2 or even 3 years will give you a good experience for now.

Yeah, In the interview over at PCPer a while ago Raja said that Polaris was "a good first step". Looks like a stepping stone indeed. He also said that their real focus for Polaris was Polaris 11 (Baffin, the mobile chip). Reiterating that Polaris isn't for the high end and never really was. Vega has always been the next big boy GPU. I have high hopes for Vega, but I also don't think I'll see any cards before Q1 2017 at the earliest. HBM2 has just recently begun shipping, it will probably be at least six months before any cards are in the stores, probably longer. I'd love to be wrong but that's what I think. I hope that one Vega card will work decently for 4K and that two with mGPU will do real well (not Xfire). I also hope for more Vulkan games, but looks like Doom will probably be it for a good while. Maybe Dx12 will get there but I trust Ms to eff it up. Vulkan looks by far like the real PC gaming API of choice.

290X owner patiently waiting for Vega

P.S. There also is some solid info on a Polaris "refresh", AMD slides mention 485, 475 etc. The last 5 indicating a new revision. That sounds to me like Vega might be later than the rumors suggest, maybe a lot later.


Valve has some engine in the works that will feature Vulkan.

You are a brave knight of the PCMR, friend!

I'm afraid so, AMD wants Polaris to stick to the mainstream performance since they don't want it to contend with their Fury Line and Vega. Polaris doesn't even have a built in controller to support GDDR5x memory, let alone, HBM2. They're segmenting their line of cards carefully. Polaris is just basically replacing their Tonga chips which used to be their mainstream chip.

My theory is because of the new GCN 4.0 architecture and optimizations like Primitive Discard Accelerator in the Polaris, if it were to even have a GDDR5x and match ROPs/TMUs as their current high end line it could easily beat out Fury X. AMD doesn't want this because like with their past models, they usually refresh their high-end card as their new mid-range card in their next generation of cards (Vega). The same happened with HD 7970 which became R9 280x when Hawaii released, and R9 290x which became R9 390x when Fiji released.

Doesn't DOTA2 already support Vulkan? Or maybe that was just another beta. Not that I play those kinds of games anyhow.

Lol yes. I also have a 290 that can crossfire with the X if needed. Similar perf as a GTX1080 in games I play a lot. The real upgrade would be two 1080s. But the pricing is ridiculous still, so no.

New to the conversation but here's my opinion: Buy a single 480 now, suffer with fewer frames for a bit, make another decision later when you have more options and resell the 480 for much if it's original cost. They won't get much cheaper for a year or two.

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Probably what I'll end up doing ^^

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