New All in one Sublimation Printer

Hi, hope you all are doing good. I am new in the printing field. I want a sublimation printer for small business. I have read the reviews but confuse which printer I would like to choose? I have some requirements,

1- All in one printer having print, scan, fax facility
2- Colored print with awesome print result
3- Dual side printing, its not mandatory
4- my price rang is about $1500

Kindly suggest me a best sublimation printer.

Thank you.

I have an older Epson Work Force WF-550 from almost a decade ago. Great printer but mine does not print dual sided. nothing to really complain about in regard to the printer itself.

Honestly, my biggest issue is that I print in spurts and there are such long times in between prints, that the cartridges dry up. If I were get another printer, I would honestly go with a Laser Printer in the Epson Work Force line.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. No doubt Epson printers are in quality. Sure I will check Laser printer in Epson Work Force line
Thank you.

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