New Alienware x51 Is it worth the money?

Is it worth the money? How much do you lose with that little space? Is it upgradable?

Certainly not.The GT 645 in those pieces of garbage will not even play modern games on reasonable settings.

you can make your own for less money and more performace that is just as small

yeah, it's only good if you REALLY want a small case, but it's one hell of a price for reasonably smaller


hell i just built a pc with a 8320 and a 7870 for that price, even if theirs is half the size i wouldn't see going with that

You could always get a Silverstone TJ08BE for a much better small case.

those alienwares are alot smaller than you would think

i'd say that's about the width of an expansion slot

A heat death-trap.

Alienware???? *dies laughing*


Hahaha. Alienware is the Apple of the "Windows" world. Overpaying for inferior parts just because of branding.