New albums you have been, or are, waiting for?

Want to know what albums ya’ll have been waiting for, or that just dropped and ya’ll are listening to right now.

Personally, been waiting for Scarlxrds new album, Immxrtilizatixn, as well as the next album drop from American Football. At some point they got back together recently and have just been at it one after another.


I read from some interview Perturbator is making new music. Would be cool if he releases full studio album this time. Last one was released 2016

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If you like American Football check out Chinese Football. As the name implies they are definitely influenced by American Football, but I would not call them a knockoff or cover band.

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The album I am most eager for right now is the upcoming one from Wilderun.


It’s a bit sad almost but I’m not really waiting for music anymore. I’ll look what is available on streaming and have a listen to something. And when I like something a lot, I’ll buy a CD.

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Have done. They’re ok. I like AF a really lot tho. I listen to the whole album all at once.

Eagerly awaiting the next Purity Ring album. No idea when that will happen, but I know they’re working on one.