New 550 dollar build for begin April

Hi everyone on Tek Syndicate,

I have been searching 3 months long for the best components for my new 550 dollar build.
The list of what I have so far (some things might change, like the case or memory):

  • AMD FX4300 Black Edition
  • ASrock 970 Extreme3 AMD 970 chipset AM3/AM3+
  • Corsair Vengeance LP 4GB 1600mhz (8GB upgrade about a month later)
  • XFX HD 7770 Double Dissipation (which has two fans. TWO FANS, so I can overclock) 
  • XFX PRO 550W 80+ Bronze
  • Sharkoon Vaya ATX case (might change though)
  • Seagate Barracuda 500GB

Total: $568

I already own a WD 1.5TB green drive for storage.

I'd like your response on this build!





Since you have a 1.5tb harddrive you could use that for all your programs and such and get an SSD instead of a 500gb drive, Greens aren't that terribly slow that it would be a problem to use it for that. But yeah, apart from that it's not a bad build, it'd be better to save a bit more and shoot for a 6300 and 7850 but if you want to get it now then this would be alright. If you have a Microcenter near you, get your CPU and mobo from there, they have CPU's ~$20 cheaper than newegg and give ~$50 off most mobo's if you buy a CPU with it so that'd easily put a 6300 in your build range.

Yeah, well I live in the Netherlands and the cheapest online computer store is

But the 1.5 TB is way too slow for running programs. And it's over two years old so the chance of failure is big