Never had this problem at the boot. What i should do now?

How to solve my computers boot. Ubuntu18.04 just keeps freezing here after reboot, and i have no clue what to do now.

Do you have a live USB you can boot? Can you mount your root filesystem readonly? (or does that fail).

My guess, some of the drivers are misconfigured, you should be able to chroot and rebuild initramsfs / force reconfigure the kernel.

If you have the previous kernel in a bootloader menu on your distro, try that

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Ok, i get it to work, by removing Nvidia drivers after disconnecting my screen and doing it blindly :D, on commandline at the start, but now my computer complains about full disk. /var log, takes about 70% of my space, how can i empty that. I dont have barely nothing on the computer.

That’d definitely be a separate issue.

I don’t normally use that particular utility to explore usage, it would appear it’s missing/skipping over something big. Usually I’d use ncdu on the command line to inventory my disk which is similar in principle.

70G is a lot for /var/log on any system, I’d expect it to be used for miscellaneous logs only, for reference it takes me a couple of months to fill up a few gigs.

Do not just blindly delete files from there, before determining if that’s ok.

Could it be, when i tried to log in for 3-4h that it filled the /var logs folder?

If you tried to brute force a login over a few tens of millions of attempts, maybe.