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Network wall for customer

Small writeup on a networking wall I did for a customer today.

The customer recently upgraded all of his networking hardware to UniFi hardware and wanted me to set up a Synology NAS.

Materials used are as follows:

Half inch particleboard, shelf brackets, inch and a half screws, zip ties, zip tie anchors, Velcro straps, and a whole lot of cat5e cable.

Plans to add a battery back up and get rid of the old crappy surge protector.

Obviously very basic is the workspace is essentially a shed that’s an annex to his building so nothing too fancy or nice going on but it gets everything up off the ground and organize it so that way if I hire another technician ass at work on it we can actually see what’s going on and don’t have to spend a bunch of time untangling a mess of wires or picking stuff up off the ground.