Network services not working properly

The day before yesterday I noticed that my local network services don’t work anymore. I have a bunch of devices connected and like to use ssh and vnc to perform various tasks.
However, now I am unable to connect with any of them through devices connected via the WiFi. Furthermore, I’m also unable to ping any device that is connected via WiFi. If I use a device that is connected via cable, I have no problem with connecting or pinging. Furthermore, those devices are also able to connect to the Internet without any issues.
(My router hasn’t installed any updates.)

Any idea what the issue could be and how to solve it?

Apparently nothing that a router reboot couldn’t fix. Any idea though on what was causing that?

Connections have a limited lifespan. This prevents a rogue machine eating all the bandwidth w/o actually doing anything. You’ll find it in the settings as TTL (time to life). Normally, when a connection is used, the OS ensures this timer is reset when a request for transmission comes in, apparently something went haywire and it got triggered in your case. Why it happened selectively I can’t tell, could possibly be a transient glitch in the router OS or something in your use pattern may have triggered it. Simply impossible to trace remotely and even if you’d be right on top of it, you’d struggle to find it if you wouldn’t know where to look and the correct timing for looking at it.

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That’s not what TTL is. TTL is used to prevent routing loops, it’s a number (up to 255) that placed in the packet header and is decremented when it enters a router. If the number is decremented to zero, the packet is dropped.

What you’re thinking of is just how long a socket is open. Some sockets do timeout, some will stay open forever. Many connections will use keepalives to ensure sockets are open and, if it goes through a firewall, to keep a firewall state active.

@Azulath Are your devices also connected to wifi that you’re trying to ping/ssh/vnc to? If so my first thought is that your wifi router has the “Wifi isolation” option configured. This prevents wifi clients from talking to other wifi clients. If not, you’re gonna need to draw out a diagram of your network and give us a little bit more detail.


Hi, as I’ve mentioned above, it worked after a restart :slight_smile:

But since I’m still curious: Yes, almost all of the devices are connected via WiFi with the exception of my piHole. I was able to connect to my piHole with every device and the piHole was also able to connect to any device.

Oh sorry, I read that way too fast. I thought you said something like a router reboot didn’t fix it. lol

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No problem, thanks for taking the time to solve my issue. :slight_smile: