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Network Managed Backup Software

We are a business with around 20 computers on the network as well as a few servers with mission critical information on them. I am not at our main office every week but want to know our servers are backing up correctly and the workstations are as well. I was looking at software like Macrium Site Manager and honestly if it worked this would be ideal. The issue is I am having nothing but bugs while testing it. Unresponsive and it continues to say there are no restore images for a computer when I know there are some and it even shows them in the backup logs. None the less does anyone know software that can allow me to manage all these computers from a single place and get details about there backups.

NOTE: We do have a Active Directory server and a san with AD integration. So right now its not required but if the software has AD integration that would be great.

Bacula comes quickly to mind.

Alternately, if the main goal is to keep users’ files backed up in case their desktops kick it, you might have their Documents library pointed to a network share. Unless these are laptops, and the users are prone to taking their laptops home. But I’ve had a lot of really good luck telling users “This folder right here. If you value your work, put it here, it will be backed up.”

This way you can manage your backups at the server level, and keep your energies focused there.

Oh, also NetBackup is a product from Veritas/Symantec/Veritas. Might be valuable here.


Thank you

I’ve been wondering what a good solution for this is. Especially cross-platform. I use windows and Linux machines and I’d like for the Documents/Music/Pictures/Videos folders to all be synced (or something like that). Suggestions? I have been using Freefilesync and that works but it’s a little funny sometimes.

I used to use SyncThing for this exact purpose

I tried syncthing, it’s been a while but it always seemed to have a bug with the permissions. Eventually I got tired of being told I didn’t have permission to touch my own stuff, so that’s why I started using FFS.

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Lmfao… I know ownCloud has a sync client. Maybe you should create one and give that a go.

I haven’t used anything cross platform, or automated. I’ve mainly just used WinSCP to backup the various directories. Basically roll up a script to do it, and give the users a button they can push. Tell them, “Push this button when your laptop is going to be in the office for the next hour or so.” Generally doesn’t take that long, but it’s good to overshoot.

Now Iam using SyncThing1 for network backup purpose

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