Network keeps losing DNS resolve info

I have a VM running W10 with a Virtual Network Adapter using NAT.
It was working fine, until recently started to having issues.
One issue is that when I try to browse any page I am getting a message from Edge like “cannot reach that page” and then quickly disappears to load the page. This is just annoying, but I can live with it.
The main issue though is that when I am trying to browse any page/domain from or (they are the same company), I cannot. What I need to do, every 10-15 minutes of inactivity is to run “ipconfig -flushdns” and then all the pages load.

This is not just a browser issue, as I tried with FF and Chromium, happens the same and also, cause bitbucket is a git repo, while I am trying to push changes to our repos, it cannot connect, unless I flush the DNS cache.

Host is Manjaro KDE

CPU: 12-Core AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 3517/2200/3700 MHz
Kernel: 5.13.19-2-MANJARO x86_64 
Up: 2h 20m 
Mem: 40063.7/64250.6 MiB (62.4%)
Storage: 5.93 TiB (19.4% used) 
Procs: 507 
Shell: Bash 
inxi: 3.3.07

And here are my VM settings/XML: <domain type="kvm"> <name>win10-work</name> <uuid>d10bb299....</uuid> < -

I prefer not to use Bridged, as I don’t want my work system to have access to my local LAN.
Any idea how to fix this issue?