Network issues

I'm not sure if I'm posting to the right forum but I have come across a problem.

I recently moved in with some mates and we love playing Rainbow six siege together but now when we all try to play together it will not let any of us connect. We can play the game just fine if there is only 1 person playing the game. Every other game we play works just fine but it is just this one.

After seeing that we had this problem I tried to reach out to ubisoft customer support which was a pretty big waste of time. All they told me was what I already suspected. They informed me that I would have to play on a separate network and so would everyone else who wanted to play within the house.

I do not have a good understanding on how to go about this and I have no been able to find decent resources to help me do this so I would really appreciate any help

It is very hard to come up with ideas to help you when you don't mention how you and your buddy's play Rainbow six siege together. Do you try to connect to a game server several miles from where you live or are you trying to setup a game server on one of your local machines.