Network Is Just Horrible...HELP



We have insight and it just recently switched to using twc. Not sure if that means anything towards this problem.


The problem is my laptop and desktop both get horible internet every once and a while for weeks at a time. While this is happening to me the others have perfect internet. Right now my desktop is unusable and my laptop's net is going in and out.

I am the only one using wireless N the others are using G. Problem?

I can tell you right now its not malware or anything like that. I can also say that the adapters are getting a good connection to the router. Four bars 200mbps.


A strange thing on the desktop is that when it does work it will load one page then the internet will just die again.


Router is a ARRIS TG862G Router/Modem combo.



Four bars 200mbps.

Are you just looking at what Windows is stating or that is actually measured? What is your topology (how are things wired (or wireless) together?

Got packet captures? Got evidence of any sort?

Get WiFi anylyser on your phone and set your WiFi to use a clear, non-overlapping channel (1,6, or 11). Also if you have channel bonding (often called 40mhz or something like that) enabled then try disabling it. It could just be interference especially if your channel is overlapping which another wireless network but there are plenty of devices which operate on the same frequency range so it could be worth trying out different channels and see if it helps.