Network/interfaces dhcpcd.conf if-up.d

Do you have any recommendations for good instructions and/or learning material about (proper) setup of network devices? How and when to use which config files? As these seem to be very confusing and seem to change between releases even.

There is /etc/network/interfaces that was used before. Now it seems most the work is done in /etc/dhcpcd.conf and then there is those if-up.d directories and systemd and whatever. How does this all tie together and how you’re supposed to use it.
I have got basic dhcp and static ips sorted but i’m lost at more advanced stuff like bridges.

Ps. currently working on Debian 10 Buster and it seems different to Ubuntu 20.04 at least… why oh why everything has to constantly change.

wait till you read about netplan

For my debian and arch servers I’d uninstall ifupdown, networkmanager, netplan… and I’d stick to systemd-networkd.

This has worked well for me over the last several years and hasn’t caused issues for me.

Various desktop distros (or general purpose distros with a DE), come with their own set of tools that show you settings panels and read/write configs and talk over dbus and in other ways to various daemons that poke network settings… this all varies. Networkmanager is popular.

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Yeah, xkcd standards :wink:

I didn’t think of that. That’s very good suggestion. Then at least only one daemon/service is using those (/etc/host* and so on) files. Thanks, and now of to learn systemd. I’ve always tried to avoid using it. But maybe this is good place to start.