Network headache

Help, I wish to set up internet in my shed as well as my house,

but they are 210 metres apart.

a phone line (DSL) runs through the shed then off to the house. ( only a single pair, the other wires broke).

I'm not sure if i should use;

 'power line'

directional wifi

or something else

I do not mind having to 'home brew' a solution.

any help is appreciated,

regards zweigär. 


Well if you are not opposed to a "home brew" solution, then you may want to rig up two Pringles can antenna's (yagi antenna's) from you house to your shed.

oh lol my solution was a little different, i managed to obtain 1km of fiber optic cable with plugs and fiber to Ethernet adapters for less that $130 ... :P

I was gonna say... friggin' lasers!