Network file sharing protocols

hello people of tek syndicate. i have a question for wendell.

could you make a video explaining the different file sharing protocols? from simple file share (something you find in windows) to something like iSCSI (and others of course). the pros and cons of each, when to use them, and implementation at the client and the server side (something like windows server, freenas, linux server).

im looking to build some kind of home server (ive opened the separate forum thread) and move my hard drives from my machine to the server, so im looking into different solutions over the past two to three weeks. i couldnt find some simple comparison of different protocols so im posting my question to you.

also, what protocol do you use? (this one goes to logan also).

thanks in advance!

I have mastered the use of the SMB protocol (the Windows file sharing protocol) but I know almost nothing about any of the others, so I would love to see one of these type videos!

Windows users will want to run a Samba server for the CIFS protocol. *NIX users will like NFS. People doing stuff with VMs might like iSCSI. Apple people use AFP sometimes. There are a plethora of other file sharing protocols as well, like SSHFS, FTP, WebDAV, AFS, HAMMER, 9P... the list goes on. So maybe a rundown of some of the top remote filesystem protocols that just helps introduce the most popular options would be handy. Getting into configuring these could take a series of videos for each protocol...

you are right, there are a lot of them. a rundown of the top most used and most useful protocols would be great, and a mention that there are other.

they could make a poll to see what protocols would people like to hear about? my vote goes to iSCSI, SMB and NFS.