Netgear r8000 nighthawk x6 Firmware

Hello I am using the r8000 now on a gig connection with cat 6 cables from modem to router then router to PC yet my speeds are throttled to roughly 400 Mbits/s Up/Down I have narrowed it down to the router itself as when I plug the PC directly to the modem my speeds are right back to 950+ I believe the problem is the firmware as the hardware should be more than adequate for those speeds. My wireless is also near unusable with constant buffering on youtube whilst in the same room any suggestions as for new firmware (including 3rd party) or tips to fix the issues would be great, Thanks

Only thing I can really contribute with, if you have already updated firmware, changed cables, changed wireless channels, etc.

So, this just shows one person having horrible results with DD-WRT two years ago, so what. however, what it also shows is that he only got up to 800Mbit/s on stock firmware (LAN to LAN i expect), which just goes to show that even with a gigabit NIC (which I btw have not been able to find the brand of on your model, not even in the datasheet) if you have gigabit internet, you can't be sure it can take full advantage of it.

I'd say 400Mbit/s is very unacceptable though, and the wireless is another matter altogether.. Have you been in contact with the manufacturer's support? Idk if they even have such a thing.

I resolved the issue with the stock firmware, the issue was a bug with the traffic meter that limited my wired speed to >400 Mb/s now after disabling traffic meter I'm back to 950+.

Ah, devil is in the detail ;)

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