Netflix not entirely honest?

Just saw this on the trending now on Facebook. Love to hear everyone's comments in the Tek Syndicate.

TL;DR Netflix admits to throttling customers on Verizon and AT&T to prevent data overages.

I personally understand (sympathetic) to Netflix's decision but ultimately it is not helping the state of the internet. I am glad they will be giving users more control.

I would also like more information regarding this news. As a few of the "news" articles I have read are short on details and it seemed that cnet's was the most thorough.

"How can you be sure it will end in chaos if you never set it free?" - someone in a story

Maybe a small note mentioning this in the beginning would have been nice but okay. In a grand total of events, this is more like a hick-up but not a f***-up like Windows10.

My understanding is they were doing this on mobile networks that have stupid data policies so people didn't blow their data limit or have their streaming throttled, while they worked out other options?

I might be wrong but from what i read this was more a consequence of the impending doom that is the net 'neutrality' debate in america than them trying to be genuinely devious. Although they've subsequently entered an arrangement with one of the us mobile companies to have their content cap free which is kinda troubling...

Essentially it looks like the lack of controls on the mobile app means they've instead limited the steaming rate, nothing particularly wrong with that, though the actual solution is to give options. I wonder if this applies if your on wifi?

Not honest about what?

The throttling complaints were for home internet users with 25down or 100down who couldn't watch a 768k stream. Nowhere was mobile mentioned.

My guess: You missed something.

Eh, after reading the article, the story is pretty weak imo. It's just an autoquality feature.

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To me the article almost seems to be sponsored by the ISP's saying, "You see! You see! We really aren't the bad guys here." At least that is what the tone of these articles convey. Somebody has their panties tied up in a wad. Netflix wants to offer the best customer experience and I agree with @Yoinkerman as it boils down to an autoquality feature.

@Glaukes brings up a good point. I, too, inferred it was Netflix mobile. However the couple articles I read never specified whether Netflix was throttling over cellular networks or broadband or both.

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