Netflix code 0013

Have katkat 4.4 my Netflix keeps saying code 0013


Things I've done

 Re install Netflix

 Clear cashe

reset phone doing full recovery

 Hard reset then restoring my data.

Clear the Netflix application data
  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Under Device, choose Application Manager or Apps section.
    • Can't find your Application Manager? Refer to your owner's manual or contact your phone manufacturer for further assistance.
  3. Under Downloaded, choose Netflix.
  4. Choose Clear data, then OK.

Did that last week,  last option is to get a new phone. The software is bugged.



try going to the Netflix web site then go into your profile then in the Your profile section select sign out of all devices then set the Netflix app back up on your phone.

Hope that works. 

Not sure how you feel about it, but there are sites that keep old versions of apps. Maybe try a slightly older, stable version?

Thanks guys will look into that.