Netbooting Rpi-4 off TrueNas Scale


Rasberry PI will not netboot keeps looping


Netboot: <mac address> wait for link TFTP
Link ready
DHCP src: <mac address>> <ip addr for router>
YI_ADDR: <rpi-4 ip>
SI_ADDR:  <router-ip>

TrueNas Scale Setup

Pool: Tank
Dataset: NFS
Subdatasets: rpi-pxe and rpi-tftpboot

Shared both paths for with mapuser:root
TFTP is turned on and configured


Rasberry PI 4
TP-link 8 port 1g switch
Tp-link AX-3000 Router

I have no clue I have followed the guide on level1 forums twices and nothing works.