Net work sharing issues windows 10 educ

Recently ive been trying to get my freenas back up and running after moving. I got it up and working and everything installed and I go to my desktop and it isnt able to find it in network portion of file explorer. I tried some basic stuff like making sure SMB 1 is turned on and that the file sharing function of windows is on and I’m still unable to see any other desktops on our network or my freenas box. I checked my roommates PC and his is able to see all other PC’s in my house including my freenas box and my PC. My guess is its something weird with windows educational.

For reference, my system is running windows 10 educational version 1803 build 17134.523

Can you ping freenas from windows 10 edu?

Use direct ip to map the shares to drives.

Browse via:
Win+r > \\ as an example.

i have and it doesn’t respond.

Doesn’t resolve my problems, I still can’t see my other systems.

Does it work or no?

No it doesn’t on my main system, other systems that can see it are able to

If you are unable to browse by direct IP then you likely have some networking issues going on. What does the network topology look like?

Ive tried having them both directly plugged into each other and i still get nothing.