Net neutrality question

So i have a question for discussion. I am wondering if, with the current climate and all, about how this may affect net neutrality. I am still looking for the videos and source, so please correct me if i am wrong. Its been awhile so i may have the details or context wrong. Back when net neutrality was being discuss, what 2 years ago, wow. One of the discussion points for/against was the infrastructure. Those such as the YouTube Tech folks were saying (again looking for videos) that the infrastructure is there. We don’t need to have people blocking or gate keeping. ISPs are saying that they need to be able to prioritize traffic because of congestion. So with that in mind, how does this affect the discussion points today as places like Netflix and YouTube are downgrading video because of network congestion?

Well if you look at the recent press releases from pretty much all the ISP’s they have removed the data caps.

So it makes you wonder, why did they want to do this ?

Has to be driven by monetization for sure :wink:

IF there really was a problem on their networks they wouldn’t have just suddenly found a pot of gold and shared it with all their subscribers.

However that being said there are still plenty of rural areas here in the states that are still underservered due to the cost of getting upgraded equipment into these locations.

Of course having the Pi-Man in charge at the FCC doesn’t help either.

I think the ISPs had to remove datacaps. If they didn’t do that there would be inquiries on this after this pandemic. They always had the infrastructure but they just wanted the money.