Net neutrality is gone. killed by the feds!

Wow..... Just wow.

Well here we go in to the new age of computing. I herd that Verizon is already working on a plan to screw the consumer. Say goodbye to Netflix and hulu plus in the coming years

Is it too late to subscribe to a VPN?


all fine here in the UK :-p

Well the internet was a fun hobby while it lasted. Guess I will go back to reading books, and tinkering in the garage.

To the people who want to cancel their service and want a heads ups on cancellation fees. Here is a good starting point. This is a video concerning how to go about cancelling a service without a termination fee. While this might be out of date, and or concerning wireless service. It is a good starting point for people to reference how to avoid termination fees and how we should vote  with our wallet. As a Verizon Fios user, I will be looking into terminating my service and looking into my options for other ISP's.

Video Link:

Even being from the UK, im still upset over this. Sure, we begin with the Netflix stuff, but how long before the services like Steam, which provide large downloads, are limited in a possibly similar manner? It sounds far off for now, but it may come. We all know a large percentage of online gamers are american, so limiting them will directly result other's experiences. Lower online population = smaller community = less of a social gaming experience. You may flame me for being so childish, and making far out claims, but imagine if these limits did occur. Now, it may not directly result in restrictions to online play, but, being an avid PC gamer for a few years now, I know the up sides to gaming on a rig, and also that these may be damaged by these limitations. Cheaper games is the main attraction for many of us, and as was commented on in the most recent TEK video, Logan detailed that it IS possible. Idk, maybe others will agree with me, but if you disagree and can prove it to be impossible, id be happy to have my mind put to rest, since I honestly can't find huge amounts on the matter. 

Does anyone think this will help?


Sweet, thanks :)

Just why do you think Internet neutrality was ever in danger? It's still as neutral as it's ever been.

The thing to understand here is that these Internet service Providers (ISP's) provide a service that allows their customers access to and from other networks which we commonly refer to as the Internet. So anything you do with another network (the Internet) must first go through your ISP and then to you. Therefore, each ISP must control access in order to provide a more fair service to all customers. It's a total bullshit argument that I want to disagree with. But then there is something to it when you look at some of the bandwidth hogs.

Right now, the only way I see anyone getting past this net neutrality lie would be to force these unscrupulous service providers describe just what "service" they are actually selling/providing. Is it simply access to a larger conglomeration of networks which seems to be the common belief? Or is it access to the very information no matter where the information comes from and not just a mere connection to "the cloud"? Or is it something in between?

So far, the only way I've seen anyone fight back was by enlisting the FCC in any disputes. Even the FCC thought they had the power. But what we have now found out is that there there really is no authority. The FCC doesn't have the power, and any regulation is now pretty much going to have to come from our (moronic) legislators. And that's assuming there even needs to be an authority - which I say, no!

I say a better way to fight back would be to build a parallel inter-network. Something like a mesh of LAN's all interconnected and forming something of a new intra-net. Each LAN would then be able to grant/deny access meaning, each LAN owner could effectively become his/her own ISP. (Think HAM radio repeaters since the concept is very similar.) It would remove the oligopoly of ISP's that we have now but only if this sort of concept took really off. It's a "pipe dream", you can be sure. But maybe not so much for the techies.

Another possible method could be to take a serious look at DSL technologies particularly since a lot of public money went into building/manitaining the very phone lines that DSL now uses. Take it back from the phone companies particularly now that all local service has been "deregulated". Either that or do it with power lines (which would need some sort of "bridge" wherever there is a transformer/capacitor).

One last thing I do want to mention. You might notice that all this Internet neutrality legal in fighting is being paid for by the Entertainment industry (a.k.a. "Hollywood"). The very same industry we all reward with our dollars when we pay to see movies or buy games! So you can't expect them to stand by and let more potential dollars slip away every time they see a competitor (like Netflix or Steam) pop up especially when it's over their own wires. (Which does raise even more questions regarding "trusts" - as in anti-trust. But I digress. That's for another rant.)