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Net neutrality: 'Dead people' signing FCC consultation

A campaign group has complained to the US Federal Communications Commission over its refusal to erase fake comments from a consultation on net neutrality.

Fight for the Future's complaint is signed by 14 people who say their details were used without permission to file anti-net neutrality views.

The campaign group says that some of the comments were posted using the names and details of dead people.

The FCC has voted two-to-one to reverse net neutrality laws enacted in 2015.

The vote was the first stage in the process of repealing the legislation designed to force internet service providers to treat all data traffic as equal.

Americans now have until the middle of August to comment on the proposals.

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There's some seriously shady stuff going on there. I wonder if it's the ISPs who are pulling these shenanigans or if it's orchestrated by Ajit Pai himself.

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Ajit Pai is a 'Yes man' so I most definitely believe the ISP's are involved

I think that we need to be consistent. So long as dead people are allowed to vote in elections, I don't see why they should be discriminated against here.


I'll copy paste my response from elsewhere on the internet:

[using to search]

I took a quick glance through the (FCC) website and it looks like a lot of the "comments" are phrased very similarly. They're not exact copy/pastes, but a very large portion of the "comments" follow the exact same structure.

I have six nine "comments" open that follow this exact structure:

Addressing Pai/FCC, worry/concern about previous administration. Asking/recommending repeal of Net Neutrality laws. People not government should control. Comment about previous rules being exploitation/corruption. Comment about bipartisanship.

There's some funny business going on.

I do have concerns over Net Neutrality.
Considering the fact that the head of the IRS Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th to basically persecuting conservatives and conservative film makers have been jailed ( Dinesh D'Souza) it is understandable that people fear giving their personnel information to the government. Add the violence average American's face when supporting the duly elected leader of the free world it is very understandable.
Some links to info not seen in the corporate controlled media:

And if Net Neutrality is so neutral why oh why does the Soros funded media matters call it's demise a win for conservative media?

I'm torn. I can see the benefits of government regulations and also see what happens when government is used for the benefit of the very few. There are spin doctors on both sides of the argument and I just don't have a trustworthy source of info to make a decision. I think that's true of the vast majority of those that even care to look into it. You are right that most mainstream media is left leaning, but IMO, the sources you quote are biased so far to the right that mainstream media comes across as far left. Add to that the conservatives and democrats are controlled by multi-billionaires and the average folk are screwed either way. The closest to an honest politician was Sanders. I see the same thing here in Canada. We just got rid of Harper who is like Trump. Trudeau is like Hillary being from a family of politicians. The Sanders equivalent died before he could get elected.
As far as the net, I don't want to see corporations have 100% control because corporations are all about squeezing the last buck out of their customer and don't give a shit about equality.

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