Net Neutrality.... and the misinformation

I was reading a handful of articles about net neutrality and came across these. The first is a great article from The Oatmeal that I thought was very clever. The second link is just someone who is an idiot that doesn't get it at all.

    This guy thinks bandwidth is finite and that for some reason having the FCC (an Independent agency) reclassify ISP's is the same thing as letting "the government" take over control of the internet.

If net neutrality was just letting the Government control it, then I think most of us would say "HELL NO!"
If anything we want less oversight, but very specific oversight in certain areas. Like no data discrimination.


What do you guys think about these articles?

I honestly just can't get over the Forbes guy. It really grinds my gears. 

This whole topic makes me go out back and chop fire wood .....   GGRRR     (sorry)

As in the Forbes idiot or what..? It frustrates me as well.

He wants freedom, competition, and privacy. But is against Net Neutrality, which will give him those things. Not sure what to say except... IDIOT!!

Exactly my feelings on it.

yeah I could only read half of his crap and had to quit.

It's the same when I hear people say that mass surveillance (data collection) does not affect them ... if you don't have anything to hide  .... GGGRRRR   time to chop wood again ... 

Yeah every paragraph made me more furious with the idiocy. 

Nice post Carl. I love the way that oatmeal blog explained net neutrality. Even a someone with the tech background of a young child (Tom Wheeler) could understand.


I was just reading



He says all things while living in Hong Kong, making all those blogs using the lightning fast internet speed (1000 mbps). He should go back to America, use Comcast and lets see if he is still able to spew all this crap coming out of his mouth

Also he kept on calling himself a "techie". Seriously who calls themselves a "techie". 

not a techie  lol

Haha! Burn!

Great addition. Thanks for sharing the link.
Glad the topic is driving some discussion =) 

Definitely not a "techie." 

There might be alittle something to that. Like, do we as a people want the government to regulate the internet. We all know they will only abuse that power. Are you willing to let the fox in the henhouse. So to speak. Just to gain a basic standard of internet access.I would usually say vote with your wallet but we cant do that either. Can we? We need to change the laws and make it possible for competing isps in the same area. Oh, your services sucks. New provider. I know that over simplfied but in the end thats what needs to change. We need the ability to vote with our wallets back. Which over the course of time the major isps have taken away. ( Smart move if your a company but very predatory,)

"We need to change the laws and make it possible for competing isps in the same area."

I prefer a market where any business entrepreneur could compete to provide service at a reasonable price.  Re-Classification of ISP's to title II is the only way to slap the brakes on huge corporations monetizing internet speeds for the sake of larger profits.

I can see the point of not wanting the "government" to have to much control over isp's, because there is the chance that it could be abused.
Two things on that though -

1.) Leaving ISP's to themselves has shown how greedy and power hungry they are. So giving another power control might be a good thing.

2.) Simply classifying ISP's under Title 2 I don't think would give the government to much control. The FCC is "independent." This would just regulate ISP's the same way public utilites are regulated. Overall this would be a very good thing.